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DbVisualizer pro10.0 激活绿色版下载

    DbVisualizer是一个完全基于JDBC的跨平台数据库管理工具,内置SQL语句编辑器(支持语法高亮),凡是具有JDBC数据库接口的数据库都可以管理,已经在Oracle, Sybase, DB2, Informix, MySQL, InstantDB, Cloudcape, HyperSonic ,Mimer SQL上通过测试.




DbVisualizer 10.0.6


DB Support: Oracle Add support for IDENTITY and Virtual columns when generating DDL

DbVisualizer 10.0.5更新日志


DB Support: Exasol Add database type and driver entry for Exasol
Export Apply a Style matching the data format specified in DbVisualizer for numeric data
Grid Component Add quick link to the Data Formats setup in Tool Properties also for BLOB and CLOB in the grids status bar
SQL Commander Should be possible to disable error markers in the SQL Commander editor
SQL Editor Add means to add custom keywords for syntax highlighting
SQL Editor Add key bindings (alt-shift-up, alt-shift-down) to move selected rows up or down 
[http://support.dbvis.com/support/discussions/topics/1000076593 ]
SQL Editor Add a Duplicate Current Line editor action with option to set keybinding (is not assigned by default) 
[http://support.dbvis.com/support/discussions/topics/1000076655 ]
SQL Log Make it possible set the default column width for Message and SQL/Command multiline columns in the SQL Log

DbVisualizer 10.0.4更新日志


DB Support: Redshift Add a Vacuum Table action

DbVisualizer 10.0.3更新日志:


DB Support: PostgreSQL XML type not supported in the create table wizard
Data tab Setting "Max Rows at First Display" or any of the "Max Rows" to 0, should not load any rows
Export Exporting with "Export Text" disabled should preserve data types not only for numbers but also date, time and timestamp when output is Excel 
[http://support.dbvis.com/support/discussions/topics/1000077122 ]
Installation/Update Installation Install4j should remember the last used download folder during updates 
[http://support.dbvis.com/support/discussions/topics/1000076802 ]
Installation/Update Installation Installer should request higher privileges when trying to install in a non-writable folder
Query Builder Make it possible using keyboard to copy grid cells in the query builder
SQL Commander The @cd command should set the default directory also for @export output files 
[http://support.dbvis.com/support/discussions/topics/1000076777 ]
SQL Commander
The STARTED log entry should show information about used database connection, database type, database, and schema 
[http://support.dbvis.com/support/discussions/topics/1000076568 ]
SQL Formatter Format only selected text and reselect the formatted text
Table Data Editor The cell editor should allow dropping images, XML, and other file formats we have viewers for



Database Profile: Actions
DB Support: Vertica
Add a Purge Table action for a table in Vertica
Grid Component
Add a "Open as Spreadsheet" in grids
Favorites Add shortcuts for Select Target Object in the Favorites toolbar (Alt+click) and the Favorites tab (Alt+double-click)
General Allow scaling UI more than 200%
SQL Commander Add a "Select Target Script File" in the SQL editor status bar filename right-click menu. Used to highlight any corresponding script file in the Scripts tab




Database Objects Tree
Filtering/Filter Sets
Disabled Filtering state should be restored when restarting DbVisualizer
Look and Feel: macOS
DbVisualizer runs Java in discrete graphics mode on macOS potentially draining the battery on laptops
SQL Log Need to make the summary of success/failed entries for the FINISHED summary log entry in the Message column more readable



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