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    DbVisualizer是一个完全基于JDBC的跨平台数据库管理工具,内置SQL语句编辑器(支持语法高亮),凡是具有JDBC数据库接口的数据库都可以管理,已经在Oracle, Sybase, DB2, Informix, MySQL, InstantDB, Cloudcape, HyperSonic ,Mimer SQL上通过测试.



链接: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1kVn7JYR 密码: kun2

DbVisualizer 10.0.3更新日志:


DB Support: PostgreSQL XML type not supported in the create table wizard
Data tab Setting "Max Rows at First Display" or any of the "Max Rows" to 0, should not load any rows
Export Exporting with "Export Text" disabled should preserve data types not only for numbers but also date, time and timestamp when output is Excel 
[http://support.dbvis.com/support/discussions/topics/1000077122 ]
Installation/Update Installation Install4j should remember the last used download folder during updates 
[http://support.dbvis.com/support/discussions/topics/1000076802 ]
Installation/Update Installation Installer should request higher privileges when trying to install in a non-writable folder
Query Builder Make it possible using keyboard to copy grid cells in the query builder
SQL Commander The @cd command should set the default directory also for @export output files 
[http://support.dbvis.com/support/discussions/topics/1000076777 ]
SQL Commander
The STARTED log entry should show information about used database connection, database type, database, and schema 
[http://support.dbvis.com/support/discussions/topics/1000076568 ]
SQL Formatter Format only selected text and reselect the formatted text
Table Data Editor The cell editor should allow dropping images, XML, and other file formats we have viewers for


Connection Setup
DB Support: PostgreSQL
Nothing happens (no visual feedback) when executing against a PostgreSQL database that cannot be connected 
[http://support.dbvis.com/discussions/topics/1000078063 ]
DB Support: Informix
DDL Generator
Incorrect DDL for columns declared as NVARCHAR(m, r)
DB Support: MySQL
DDL Generator
Add additional options for Create View (ALGORITHM, DEFINER, SQL SECURITY) and Create Table (DEFAULT COLLATE)
DB Support: MySQL
Having auto commit off and doing an export database, the commit/rollback warning window is displayed at quit of DbVisualizer
DB Support: PostgreSQL Add support for IDENTITY columns for PostgreSQL 10
DB Support: PostgreSQL The Object View for a Sequence does not work for PostgreSQL 10
DB Support: PostgreSQL
Procedure Editor
Auto Commit is hardcoded for the Procedure Editor
DB Support: SQL Server
OS Support: macOS
Renaming a Stored Procedure causes the application to hang
Database Objects Tree Intermittent error may happen when browsing databases tree
Database Objects Tree Refresh Objects Tree sometimes does not re-expand open expanded nodes
Export Obsolete parameters in saved settings make Export Schema/Database/Table fail
Export Setting Max Rows larger than the number of rows in the exported result set gives an exception
Export Terribly slow exporting many result sets of various sizes to xlsx
SQL Commander
When using @ddl in an @export script the Rows column in the SQL Log is always 0 while when executing only the @ddl Rows is positive
File Chooser
Look and Feel: Synthetica
When opening a File Chooser the first time with Synthetica, the selected file is correct but that file is also in edit mode in the list
Java 8
OS Support: macOS
Databases tab list and grids scrolls one row when right-click to show menu (fixed in Java 1.8.0_152)
Java 9
SQL Commander
IndexOutOfBoundsException when re-opening a BLOB in the cell viewer on Java 9
Key Bindings
OS Support: macOS
There is no active key map resulting in exceptions when editing
OS Support: Windows
Tab characters in the SQL are stripped off (not even replaced with whitespace) in the SQL log on Windows
Procedure Editor The connection used to execute a code object should be disconnected when the Code Editor is closed
SQL Commander Should not be possible to disconnect if there are running (executing) SQL Commander for the database connection
SQL Commander Floating an SQL Commander in an own window results in key bindings for Save (ctrl+c) and Save As (shift+ctrl+s) not work
SQL Formatter Formatting with unquoted variables fails when the Case option is set to Whole SQL Lowercase or Uppercase
Scripts Changing connection settings for a bookmark/monitor when save file, doesn't show the new settings in the Scripts tab details pane for the file (unless reload)



Database Profile: Actions
DB Support: Vertica
Add a Purge Table action for a table in Vertica
Grid Component
Add a "Open as Spreadsheet" in grids
Favorites Add shortcuts for Select Target Object in the Favorites toolbar (Alt+click) and the Favorites tab (Alt+double-click)
General Allow scaling UI more than 200%
SQL Commander Add a "Select Target Script File" in the SQL editor status bar filename right-click menu. Used to highlight any corresponding script file in the Scripts tab


Connection Setup ConcurrentModificationException when running "Connect and execute"
Connection Setup
DB Support: Informix
When connecting to Informix "SQLWarning: Database Selected" is displayed at the top of the Connection Message
Database Objects Tree Dragging a table from the Databases tab to the query builder doesn't work if Autoscroll TO Object View tab is enabled
Database Objects Tree With "Autoscroll TO Object View Tab" enabled, do not autoscroll if right-click an object or when double-click set to Expand/Collapse Child Objects
Database Objects Tree A java.util.ConcurrentModificationException may occur while loading database objects tree if there are a lot of objects
Export Exporting time and date data is not thread safe
Grid Component Wrong datetime for dates before 1893-04-02
Grid Component If having a very large grid, select all cells and then reload, the reload takes long time to complete
Grid Component
OS Support: macOS
Paste a multiline selection from Excel to a DbVisualizer grid only paste the first row
Import Potential exception when importing XLSX
Installation/Update Installation
OS Support: macOS
The macOS menubar is not displayed when the Preferred OS Language is not English
Performance/Stability The OutOfMemory dialog is not as responsive as it should
Procedure Editor Closing Procedure Editor while compiling shows the "confirm close" dialog twice if clicking Keep Tab
SQL Commander Improve meaning of "Confirm unsaved SQL Commanders"
SQL Commander Potential NPE if closing the Procedure Editor while compiling
SQL Commander @delimiter command is not detected if preceded by a line comment
SQL Editor Triple-click in editor loses some of the selection if extending selection with shift-down
Tool Properties Formatting does not work for patterns following the millis pattern .SSS




Database Objects Tree
Filtering/Filter Sets
Disabled Filtering state should be restored when restarting DbVisualizer
Look and Feel: macOS
DbVisualizer runs Java in discrete graphics mode on macOS potentially draining the battery on laptops
SQL Log Need to make the summary of success/failed entries for the FINISHED summary log entry in the Message column more readable


Auto Completion Potential NullPointerException when a connection drops
Create/Alter Table
DB Support: Oracle
Altering Oracle Spatial Table adds an ALTER statement an unaltered SDO_GEOMETRY column
DB Support: Netezza DOUBLE should not have precision and scale in DDL
DB Support: NuoDB A statement in NuoDB that returns both an update count and a result set wont show the result set
DB Support: PostgreSQL ENUM values cannot be updated in grid
DB Support: Vertica Upgrade the Vertica JDBC driver to 7.2.3
Database Objects Tree Rare exception double-clicking in the objects tree
Database Objects Tree
Database Profile: View
Focus changes when Autoscroll is set
Database Search In the database Search tab grid, selecting a match in the lower grid and then "Select object(s) in the Database tab" action nothing happens
Export Exporting time and date data is not thread safe
Export Row count is not in the HTML grid export since 10.0
Export/Import User Settings ConcurrentModificationException when importing user settings
File Chooser Closing file chooser dialog with ESC key or the red cross button may result in an error
OS Support: macOS
Cancelling quit of DbVisualizer (in Confirm Exit dialog) using cmd-q will result in a no-op if doing cmd-q again
Grid Component Having CLOBs presented by "Value" still shows as "Size" in the row form grid
Grid Component
Look and Feel: Darcula
Missing separator in grid column header for last column with Darcula
Import Conversion error when importing with comma (,) character as decimal separator
Import The data formats settings in Tool Properties may effect import if the import data format settings are different than those specified in import
Key Bindings Ctrl-Alt-R is mapped to both Record Macro and Rollback
Look and Feel: Darcula
Look and Feel: Windows
OS Support: Windows
Toggle state for buttons in menus and toolbars doesn't show well on Windows with the Darcula and Windows look and feels
OS Support: Linux StackOverflow: java.awt.AWTEventMulticaster.componentMoved
SQL Commander Running SQL files with relative paths does not work
SQL Commander NullPointerException in ExecutorHandler when creating index
SQL Commander Stop on no rows only considers first result if many are produced
SQL Commander Add "Integer" to the list of data types in the variable/parameter substitution dialog
SQL Commander Multiple result sets generated as cursors by a stored procedure shows only the first results in all result sets
SQL Commander StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in ScriptExecutor when calling procedure
SQL Editor NullPointerException when handling LogEntry for error in SQLEditor
SQL Log Not logging Success and/or Failed entries will if more than 10000 statements say that the log is truncated when it is not
Tool Properties Restarting DbVisualizer doesn't show the same prompt dialogs as when doing a regular quit